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FAFNIR Bearings

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FAFNIR bearings

FAFNIR bearings are renowned for their high quality and distinctive style. Now a part of the Timken bearings group, FAFNIR has enjoyed a colourful history beginning with a cluster of companies - FAFNIR USA, FBC, Killian and IRB. These companies came together to form Torrington FAFNIR and began manufacturing a range of quality bearings that gained a reputation across the globe.

FAFNIR bearings under the FAFNIR brand

Although FAFNIR bearings are now part of the Timken group, FAFNIR bearings are still branded with the original FAFNIR logo and are sold to many original equipment manufacturers and industrial distributors across the world.
You can get FAFNIR bearings from Nationwide Bearings simply by searching our catalogue or, if you have the exact model number handy, by entering the product code into our search box and locating your bearings that way. Once you've found the FAFNIR bearings you require, buying them online is a snip.
Can't find the FAFNIR bearings you need? Contact Nationwide Bearings and we'll do our best to source them for you.

Ordering bearings online with Nationwide Bearings

You can choose to continue shopping once you've found the FAFNIR bearings you need or purchase them online straight away. Paying online is easy with us and, once your order has been completed, you can enjoy sitting back and relaxing while your new FAFNIR bearings are carefully packaged before being delivered straight to your place of work or home.

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