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6803 Bearing

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6803 Bearing
Deep Groove Ball Bearing Open
Deep Groove Ball Bearings ZZ
Deep Groove Ball Bearing 2RS

We can supply the 6803 series bearing either open (without any shield), in 2RS form (with rubber shields) or in ZZ (which come with a metal shield). Please make your selection below


6803 Specification

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6803-2RS Specification

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6803-ZZ Specification

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6803 / 6803-2RS / 6803-ZZ Bearing

Need a 17mm shaft bearing but don`t think the dimensions of the 6803 bearing are suitable for your then please look through our other range of 17mm shaft ball bearings below :

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We can also supply 17mm shaft bearings in our other bearing styles such as spherical roller bearings or tapered roller bearings if a deep groove ball bearing does not meet your requirements.

At Nationwide Bearings we carry stocks of the 6803 bearing in sealed and unsealed varities. 6803-2RS is supplied with rubber seals at either side for dust exclusion. 6803-ZZ is supplied with metal seals at either side. We can also supply the 6803, 6803-2RS and 6803-ZZ bearings in stainless steel if required and we can also offer various precision levels depending on how demanding the bearing application is.
On top of this we can also offer various internal clearance levels on the range of 6803, 6803-2RS and 6803-ZZ, high temperature options including bearing operating temperatures up 150 and 250 degrees and we can also offer with circlip grooves and retaining rings for bearing applications which have this requirement. And we're not finished there, if you have specific requirements regarding the material we can offer the 6803-2RS, 6803-ZZ and 6803 bearings in a range of materials including PTFE, plastic, ceramic, all of which have their own specific attributes and ideal operating conditions and finally we can offer max load versions of this bearing where the bearings are going to be subjected to a higher than normal load.
As you can see there are limitless combinations of material, load, clearance, temperature and retaining options with these bearings, we literally would have tens of millions bearing references listed on this site if every combination was put and that would only serve to confuse people so we only list the most common variations of the 6803, 6803-2RS and 6803-ZZ bearing that are suitable for the majority of bearing applications. If your bearing requires a specific attribute you will probably know this already so please contact us with your requirements so that we can source and quote for you accurately.

If you have a specific manufacturer requirement for your bearings please let us know. We are able to supply from most major manufacturers including SKF Bearings, RHP Bearings, INA Bearings and Timken Bearings

This catalog is reserved for registered customers only. Please contact us to register.